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    Cabinet assemblies

    Transformer substations

    Transformer substations

    Complete transformer substations for voltage 35/10(6), 110/35/10(6), 220/35/10(6) kV are intended for reception, transformation and distribution of electric energy of three-phase alternating current frequent 50 and 60 Hz in networks with the isolated or grounded through the arc-quenching reactor neutrally.

    CTSB(C), for a voltage of 35 kV of stationary designs are available with capacity from 1000 kVA to 16000 kVA, and carried - the power from 2500 kVA to 6300 kVA. CTSB(C), for a voltage of 110 kV and 220 kV are supplied with power from 2500 kVA up to 80000 kVA.

    Operating conditions:
    - Designed for outdoor installation at an altitude of more than 1000m above sea level.
    - Works in a temperate and cold climate.
    - Dynamic head should not exceed 40 m/sec, ice wall thickness not more than 20 mm.
    - Not designed to work in environment exposed to the strong contamination, the action of corrosive gases, fumes, chemical deposits, current-conducting dust in concentrations reduces product properties in an unacceptable extent and in dangerous environment concerning explosion and fire.
    - Supplied with normal and reinforced insulation.

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    High-voltage equipment

    High-voltage equipment

    Devices with complete distribution voltage of 10(6) kV currents (630-3150) A of industrial frequency of 50 Hz, intended for reception and distribution of electric energy on objects of power supply of enterprises of all sectors of the economy and agricultural consumers.

    Packaged switchgear is a set of cabinets and compartments, with switching devices of measurement, automation and protection, as well as control, alarm and other auxiliary devices connected to each other in accordance with the electrical circuit.

    Operating conditions according to GOST 15150 and GOST 15543:
    - climatic version and category of placement:
    - for K-07 ICT - indoor installation "T3”
    - for OCDD-07 ICT - outdoor installation "T1" and "C1’’
    - altitude above sea level up to 1000 m;
    - relative humidity not more than 80%
    - the environment is non-explosive, does not contain conductive dust and corrosive gases or vapors in concentrations that destroy metals and insulation.

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    Low-voltage equipment

    Low-voltage equipment

    Intended for reception of electric energy of alternating current with frequency 50 Hz with voltage 380/220 V. In networks with deafly earthed neutral and its transformation with the purpose of power networks with voltage of 12, 24, 36V, and also to protect them during reboots and short circuits.

    Operating conditions:
    - ambient temperature from +1℃ to +40℃;
    - height above sea level not more than 2000 m;
    - non-explosive environment, free of conductive dust, corrosive gases or vapors that destroy metals and insulation. Degree of protection according to GOST 14254-96 "IP30”

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