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    Ural transformer plant LLP


    Ural transformer plant LLP represents result of half-century experience of Kentau transformer plant JSC with the new developed and introduced technology of production of the electrotechnical equipment. The plant is a part of the holding company "Alageum Electric", which represents complex turnkey solutions in the electricity market from one source

    • engineering;
    • manufacture of electrical products;
    • supply of industrial equipment and service;
    • Construction and production of building materials;
    • electrical installation and commissioning services.

    The main wealth of the enterprise is the specialists who are able to unite around the implementation of the set large-scale goal: to become the No. 1 supplier of high-quality energy-efficient innovative products. "Ural transformer plant" is a modern equipment and advanced technologies, high quality and control at all stages of production, proven solutions in the field of energy.

    We produce a wide range of 90% export-oriented electrical equipment, which will be supplemented and meet the growing needs of the market:

    • dry and oil transformers 6, 10 or 20 kV, with a capacity of up to 2500кВА;
    • complete transformer substations of various types;
    • complete switchgear of series SAC, CDD, OCDD for 10,20 kV;
    • block-modular buildings for various purposes;
    • low-voltage devices.

    In the production of transformers such as TOH, as in the transformers of the world's leading companies for the production of transformers, a number of technical solutions that increase their reliability and reduce operating costs. The transformers are manufactured in hermetically sealed execution with complete filling of oil, without extender and without air or gas cushion. Oil contact with the environment is completely absent, which eliminates moisture, oxidation and sludge formation of the oil.

    • Before filling, the oil is degassed, filling it into the tank is made in a special vacuum filling chamber under high vacuum of the German company Meier Prozesstechnik GmbH, which ensures the removal of oil, dissolved air in it, removal of air inclusions from the insulation, thereby preventing oil oxidation, provides high electrical strength of the transformer insulation.
    • It is not required to carry out preventive, current and major repairs during the entire life of the transformer.
    • High reliability and absolute safety of corrugated tanks such as TMG is achieved thanks to the automatic line L. A. E. MACPO 1600. The excess pressure in the tanks during operation of the transformer does not exceed ... 0,18 0,23 kgf/cm2.
    • The testing center is equipped with modern computerized stands manufactured by «A.M.E» s.r.l., allowing to mechanize and automate the process of testing transformers and their components. The use of this equipment can reduce the time of product testing, reduce the influence of subjective factors on the test results.
    • All products manufactured by the plant meet international quality and safety standards.
    • Cutting and charge of transformer steel on the system "step-lep" is carried out on the automated lines of the Italian firm L. A. E. TE-45, TO-25 and TUBOLY SSS300 of Swiss production.
    • Coil windings are produced on automated assembly machines L. A. E. PN14 and FPS-8, which allow to produce a coil with the exact diameter and the required number of turns.
    • The painting of the equipment is done by dipping on the Officine Muari automatic line, which provides a paint coating of at least 120 microns.

    Production of our plant is widely used in branches of power engineering of the CIS countries. Our mission is a complex solution of standard and non-standard tasks in the field of energy with the introduction of innovative equipment for the purpose of high-quality and reliable power supply to consumers.

    Managing Director Sauranbayev А.N.



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