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    Electric machine industry


    In the sector of electric machine industry holding company "Alageum Electric" is represented by several production facilities: JSC "Kentau transformer plant", LLP "Almaty Electromechanical plant".
    The flagship of the production complex "Alageum Electric" - JSC "Kentau transformer plant", which is the leader of Kazakhstan in the field of electric machine industry engineering and a leading manufacturer of transformer equipment. Founded in 1959, it went from a small Soviet-era plant to an enterprise that played a key role in the development of Kazakhstan's energy sector. Today the plant is one of the largest players in the field electric machine industry in Central Asia. Since joining the "Alageum Group", the plant has gained a second wind, becoming a highly profitable production and increasing its income by almost 100 times.

    Today, the company produces power oil and dry transformers 10, 35, 110 kV with a capacity of up to 63,000 kVA, substations of various types (OS, CDD, IS, SCP 35, 110 kV), low-voltage and high-voltage cells and other popular electrical equipment. In general, the range of products manufactured by JSC "KTP" is export-oriented electrical products, goods and equipment today exceeded 300 items.

    Production with the “Kentau transformer plant” brand more than half a century is present at the Kazakhstan and foreign markets. “KTP” transformers are small-size, competitive, environmentally friendly and reliable in operation.

    All equipment manufactured by the plant meets international quality and safety standards. All products are certified by the State standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the state certification system of the Russian Federation №ROSS KZ.ME22. The quality management system complies with the international standard ISO 9001-2000.

    "Almaty Electromechanical plant" ("AEMP") was founded in 1959. In 1999, the company acquired the status of LLP "Almaty Electromechanical plant" and became a part of the holding company "Alageum Electric". Today "AEMP" is one of the leading enterprises on production of the electrotechnical equipment in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The plant produces a wide range of high-voltage, low-voltage and non-standard electrical equipment. Production of plant is developed on the basis of application of new technologies and is made on the equipment with the digital software. ""AEMP" manufactures unitized transformer substations, packaged switchgear, serial unilateral camera, panels LP-70, LP-90, of various types and performance, power distribution cabinets, boxes, lighting panels and other electrical products.

    All products manufactured by the plant are certified in the State standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The quality management system ISO 9001:2000 was implemented in 2004 and certified by the international certification body KEMA (Holland). The plant is included in the Register of domestic producers of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main types of products have certificates of origin form ST KZ.



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