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    Summer intership

    Alageum Electric Group of Companies holds out the following opportunities for students and technical university graduates:

    We are holding out an opportunity to participate in the Summer Internship program on a full-time basis. Internships are provided at the plants and company offices in all regions of Kazakhstan in the following areas: sales, procurement, production, accounting and auditing, design and survey work, design and engineering documentation development, etc.
    Being an intern you will participate not only in the day-to-day operations of the company department, but also in various projects that will help you to get a better understanding of your future career, gain additional professional knowledge and skills in all regional centers of Kazakhstan.

    All careers are important and being an engineer is PRESTIGIOUS!!!


    If you think you are healthy, competent, hardworking and want to bring real benefits in the development of our beloved Kazakhstan, Alageum Electric Group of Companies is waiting for you:

    • Inventors, developers, scientific project engineers, innovators in the field of mechanical engineering;
    • Designer for the development of design and engineering documentation for electrical machines and devices;
    • Design engineer of power supply facilities;
    • Foreman and head of manufacturing enterprises;
    • Manager for cooperation with design organizations;
    • Sales manager of the control and automation systems.

    We offer the following:

    • Work in a large electrical engineering company, a leader in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, where you can gain vast experience and learn best practices;
    • A positive working environment, getting fun from working in a friendly team, gaining real experience being a part of a team of professionals;
    • Students can get a paid internship (60,000 KZT per month) lasting 6-10 weeks in summer:
    • An opportunity to approve oneself for future employment in a company;
    • Career development.

    • Students and university graduates;
    • Knowledge of English
    • Desire to learn and evolve;
    • Honesty, creativity and initiative;
    • Desire for self-development (self-education);
    • A skilled ability to express one’s thoughts, written and verbal literacy;
    • Commitment, effectiveness, responsibility;
    • Focus on results, teamwork skills;
    • Healthy lifestyle, good performance;
    • Seeking for an MBA and PHD degree.

    CV submitting procedure:

    If you are interested in this program, please send a CV to e-mail:
    Phone: +7 771 001 20 09


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